Sally Yates is Set to Deliver the Knockout Punch to Donald Trump!

Today is the day that much of America has been waiting for.  Former Acting Attorney General, Sally Yates is set to to testify before congress concerning information that was provided to the White House about Michael Flynn.  Yates’ testimony is expected to contradict what the White House has said to be true, concerning their knowledge of Flynn’s interactions with Russia.  Many Democrats believe that this testimony will be the beginning of the end for Donald Trump and his administration.  Many Americans are standing behind Yates in hopes that her testimony can provide that knockout punch to Trump, his administration and Russia.  This brings back memories a 1985 blockbuster film, Rocky IV, where the underdog, Rocky Balboa defeats the Russian, Ivan Drago.  We thought we’d make a little rhyme in honor of what could be a historic day for America.